Many hands lead to success

For the manufacture of lingerie and nightwear which meets our high quality standards in return for low prices, it is vital that we are equipped with modern machines for efficient manufacture. The production sites in Asia and Eastern Europe offer full-service manufacture. Certified in accordance with DIN ISO 9001 and SA 8000, Asia provides both state-of-the-art European and US-American dyeing and finishing machines. A company-owned embroidery factory with puncher as well as the production sites for various printing processes and further finishing complete the range of modern manufacturing machinery. Furthermore, automated processes are used for the preparation of fabrics for cutting and the cutting of fabrics; anything's possible – from fully fashioned to all printing methods and knitted fabrics. Close cooperation with long-standing suppliers and the comprehensive support on on-site clothing engineers and foreign technicians ensure a high level of quality both at home and abroad. 

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